How can I apply for housing assistance? 

Most of the Housing Authority’s waiting lists, including Section 8, are closed at this time. Due to high demands and limited availability, the Housing Authority opens its waiting lists infrequently. Waiting list openings are always advertised on this web site and/or local newspaper. Click here to find out our current openings. 

When will the Section 8 waiting list open? 

Currently, the Section 8 waiting list is closed, and at this time we are unable to predict when it will reopen. Waiting list openings are always advertised on this web site and/or local newspaper. 

Do you offer emergency housing assistance? I need housing help right now, how can I get some help? 

While the Housing Authority offers many housing services and programs, we are not funded to provide emergency housing services. Three referrals we would recommend would be visit (or the toll-free call center at 1-877-428-8844) to help find a place to live; to contact your local San Mateo County Core Services Center; or to call 2-1-1 for information on shelter/housing, food, employment, healthcare and much more. 

How can I get a list of affordable housing? 

You can search up-to-date affordable housing listing at Each affordable housing development may have its own waiting list and the waiting list may be closed. 

My home is being foreclosed, where can I find help? 

You can find foreclosure resources on the Department of Housing website at