Affordable Senior Housing

How to Find Affordable Senior Housing in San Mateo County

You may be eligible for affordable senior housing if you are at least 62 years old (or almost 62), can live independently, and are on a fixed income or have an annual income that is no more than 80% of the current Area Median Income.

1) Get a Complete List of Affordable Senior Housing 

Find the list of “Affordable Rental Housing” from the Department of Housing (DOH) and look for developments that are listed as senior housing. 

2) Expect to Join Waiting Lists 

Because there is not enough affordable housing for all the seniors in the County, you may need to join waiting lists instead of finding housing immediately. You may join as many waiting lists as you want, however, the more lists you join, the higher the chance that you will find something sooner rather than later. 

3) Make Lots of Phone Calls 
  1. Using the list of affordable housing in the County, call the contacts (usually the property manager) for senior housing developments that you are interested in to find out about their eligibility requirements and waiting lists. 
  2. Call affordable housing developers who have senior developments in San Mateo County. Ask them if they have any open waiting lists at their existing properties; ask if they are building any new projects that will be accepting applications in the future; also ask about joining their “keep informed” list for future projects. 
  3. Call city housing staff to ask if they know of any new senior developments in their city that might be accepting applications in the future; also ask if it is possible to be put on a “keep informed” list for future projects. 
4) Consider other Options 
  • ƒHousing Authority Programs – The Department of Housing home page ( contains the most up to date information.  Visit often to find out waiting list information or other housing opportunities. 
  • Shared Housing – One of the programs funded by DOH is a home-sharing program through HIP Housing that matches home providers that have an extra room or a separate unit available to a home seeker who is looking for a place to live. Click here for more information on the home sharing program.  
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