Measure K and San Mateo County Housing

As of November 2016, Measure A is now Measure K. Learn More »


In November 2012, San Mateo County voters approved Measure A, a ten-year half-cent general sales tax, to maintain the quality of life for all County residents by providing essential services and maintaining and/or replacing critical facilities.

Using the Shared Vision 2025 guiding principles, the San Mateo County Manager's Office established a FY 2015-2017 Measure A application process to enable County Departments and community-based organizations to submit letters of intent for programs and projects.

In November of 2016, Measure A became Measure K.

Visit the County's Measure K dashboard to see how these funds have been allocated throughout the County.


While Measure K funds were not available for our first two rounds of the Affordable Housing Fund (AHF), which were in 2013 and 2014 (Round #1 was funded entirely by former Redevelopment funds that were reverted to the County and were then redirected by the Board of Supervisors to fund affordable housing, Round #2 was funded entirely by the Housing Authority's "Moving to Work" reserve funds).

Measure K funds have been awarded to both new-construction and preservation affordable housing project starting with round #3 in 2015, and again in round #4 in 2016.   Two of the three acquisition projects completed to date were funded by Measure K – the 16-unit Cypress Ave acquisition project (HIP Housing) in San Mateo, and the 55-unit Atherton Court acquisition project (MidPensula Housing) in Redwood City.  The first acquisition project, a 9-unit project in Pacifica (MidPensula Housing) was funded by former Redevelopment funds.

Of the new-construction projects funded (or made possible) by Measure K, two are in construction – St. Leo’s Apartments in unincorporated North Fair Oaks, and Waverly Place in North Fair Oaks (which just started construction).  The other projects funded in Round #3 and Round #4 are still in the “predevelopment” stage and have not yet started construction.

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