On July 1, 2016, Governor Brown signed landmark legislation enacting the No Place Like Home program to dedicate up to $2 billion in bond proceeds to invest in the development of permanent supportive housing for persons who are in need of mental health services and are experiencing homelessness, chronic homelessness, or who are at risk of chronic homelessness. The bonds are repaid by funding from the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA). The No Place Like Home Program (NPLH) provides funding and tools that allow the State Department of Housing and Community Development (State HCD) to address affordability issues associated with creating housing units that are specifically set aside for persons with serious mental illness who are chronically homeless, homeless, or at-risk of being chronically homeless.  For detailed information on the NPLH program and guidelines, visit the State HCD's No Place Like Home webpage.

NPLH Application Process

The County expects to draw down approximately $1.74 million in “noncompetitive” NPLH funding in 2019 and include these funds in the County’s Affordable Housing Fund (AHF) 7.0 Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA).  Developers who wish to apply for these funds should do so by submitting an AHF 7.0 application when the NOFA is released in June 2019.  Additional details will be included in the AHF 7.0 NOFA and application.

The San Mateo County Department of Housing (DOH) and the County’s Behavioral Health and Recovery Services (BHRS) office also seek potential development partners with affordable housing projects in active predevelopment to partner with the County and apply for NPLH “competitive” funds in the fall of 2019 (as well as future State HCD NPLH NOFAs).  To express interest in partnering with the County to apply for the competitive NPLH funds in fall of 2019, please email Judy Davila (c_jdavila@smcgov.org), Ray Hodges (rhodges@smchousing.org), and Rose Cade (rcade@smchousing.org) as soon as possible.  Potential applicant partners will also need to provide project details for County consideration.  For projects seeking AHF 7.0 funding, the AHF 7.0 application will cover this purpose and will include an option to indicate interest in applying for NPLH competitive funds.  Developers of projects not seeking AHF 7.0 funds also have the opportunity to partner with the County to apply for NPLH competitive funds in fall 2019, and will need to submit a shorter project application summary.  Details for submitting these materials in lieu of an AHF 7.0 application will be added to this page at the time of AHF 7.0 NOFA release.