As of November 2016, there have been four completed NOFA rounds (funding rounds) of the County's Affordable Housing Fund (AHF).  An additional "Aquisition and Preservation" NOFA -- a sub-fund within AHF -- is in process. 

Below is a summary of these funding rounds:

AHF 1.0
In April 2013, the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors approved the allocation, through a “Notice of Funding availability” (NOFA) process, of approximately $13.4 million of unrestricted General Funds for affordable housing purposes. These funds were derived from a one-time distribution of Housing Trust Funds held by former redevelopment agencies in San Mateo County. These unrestricted general funds – which initiated the County’s Affordable Housing Fund (AHF) – were set aside to provide financial assistance for the development of multifamily affordable rental housing and provision of emergency and transitional shelter in the County. The Board directed the County’s Department of Housing to develop allocation guidelines and recommend projects for funding.  As of May 2014, approximately $13.2 million of AHF funds have been allocated, collectively, to six multifamily affordable rental housing developments and four emergency and transitional housing projects (“AHF 1.0”).

AHF 2.0
On August 5, 2014, the County Board of Commissioners authorized the Housing Authority of the County of San Mateo to publish another NOFA, using funds from the Housing Authority’s Housing Assistance Program (HAP) Reserves to create affordable housing options for low-, very low-, and extremely low-income households. A total of $4.5 million was awarded to four projects, including three multifamily affordable housing rental developments and a low-income homeownership project, and $500,000 was allocated to support an agricultural workforce housing program. This became the second funding round of the AHF (“AHF 2.0”).

AHF 3.0
The third AHF NOFA (“AHF 3.0”), was released on April 1, 2015 and reflected a combination of funding from County and Housing Authority (Federal) sources.  In November 2012, San Mateo County voters approved Measure "K", a ten-year half-cent general sales tax, to maintain the quality of life for all County residents by providing essential services and maintaining and/or replacing critical facilities. On March 17, 2015, the Board of Supervisors approved the use of $2.5 million from Measure "K" funding in FY 2015-16 for affordable housing projects. These funds were combined with an additional $3.5 million in funding from the Housing Authority's Housing Assistance Program (HAP) reserves for a total of $6 million available under AHF 3.0. A total of $5.4 million was awarded to five new-construction multifamily affordable rental developments targeting extremely-low and very-low income households, including homeless households, and $1 million was allocated for a pilot demonstration program aimed at acquisition and preservation of existing "naturally occurring" affordable housing stock.  The remaining $600,000, plus $200,000 of additional Measure "K" funds, was to be added to the AHF 4.0 NOFA round.

Since the relase of AHF 3.0, an additional $2.92 million has been allocated by the Board of Supervisors for the pilot acquisition and preservation program, bringing the total funding for the program to $3.92 million and facilitating the acquisition and preservation of two multifamily rental developments (one in Pacifica and one in San Mateo) that will be affordable over time.

AHF 4.0
The fourth AHF NOFA ("AHF 4.0") was released in April 2016, making $9.24 million available for new construction of affordable multi-family rental housing and rehabilitation of existing income-restricted affordable housing developments.  AHF 4.0 was comprised of $6.18 million in Measure "K" funds, $2 million in Housing Authority HAP reserves, and $1.06 million in former Redevelopment Agency funds redirected to the County's General Fund.  In September 2016, the Board awarded a total of $8.65 million to six new-construction multifamily affordable and workforce rental developments targeting extremely-low-income, very-low-income, and low-income households, including homeless households and veterans.  The remaining $586,000 from AHF 4.0 will be held and added to future AHF NOFA rounds.

Affordable Rental Acquisition and Preservation Program (ARAPP)
On November 1, 2016, the Department of Housing release a NOFA for a new Affordable Rental Acquisition and Preservation Program (ARAPP), which is a special sub-fund within the County's Affordable Housing Fund.  This program is an outgrowth of the Housing Department's acquisition and preservation pilot demonstration program.  The County Board of Supervisors authorized $10 million in Measure "K" funding to launch ARAPP.  Applications for this NOFA, accessible on the Department of Housing's website, will be reviewed on a rolling, "over-the-counter" basis until all ARAPP funds have been committed.  The goal of ARAPP is to acquire and preserve the affordability of existing multi-family buildings within the County that are rented at below-market rates and not currently subject to rent restrictions.

SUMMARY: Since the inception of the Affordable Housing Fund, the County has allocated over $45 million in AHF funds in support of emergency shelter, transitional housing, and permanent affordable housing in San Mateo County.  The Affordable Housing Fund includes funds from the County's Measure "K", former Redevelopment Agency funds redirected to the County's General Fund, and funding from the Housing Authority of the County of San Mateo.  Additional affordable housing dollars have been allocated through the County's CDBG and HOME funding programs.